About Us

Hi. Welcome to State of Permanence. We are a small business based out of a studio in Melbourne.

I'm the creator and maker behind State of Permanence. I've been working with ceramics since 2015 and still get the same thrill when I see my pieces coming out of the kiln.

I find it both pleasurable and humbling to start with such an ordinary, natural and basic material and then mould that into a “state of permanence”. Something that lasts, builds memories and connects people.

I still personally and lovingly create each one of my hand made pieces that you will find on this site. I hope you enjoy them and find a piece that connects with you.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at stateofpermanence@gmail.com

With thanks, S and S


Studio Melt
119 Hunter Rd

Forman Art and Framing
20 Burwood Highway

Town and Country 
1311 High St

Story of Things