About Us

Hi. Welcome to State of Permanence. We are a very small start up running out of a studio in Melbourne.

I'm Shireen, the creator and maker behind State of Permanence. I've been working with ceramics for over 5 years now and still get the same thrill when I see my pieces coming out of the kiln.

I find it both pleasurable and humbling to start with such an ordinary, natural and basic material and then mould that into a “state of permanence”. Something that lasts, builds memories and connects people.

This may sound strange and my explanation may not be any clearer however working with clay reminds me of my children. I feel that in the beginning I have a certain level of control over my kids to "shape" and "mould" the type of person I want them to become however at later stages in their life, their own nature and life-learnings are out of my control and these things will shape and influence the person they ultimately become. Similarly, with my clay I control the initial stages of creating, shaping and moulding of my pieces but from the point they are glazed and fired, the outcome is out of my control and the nature of the clay, glaze and the kiln will determine the beauty of the finished pieces.  This makes it exciting for me every single time I create a new piece. It also means that every piece is unique and special, certainly to me and hopefully to you as well.

I still personally and lovingly create each one of my hand made pieces that you will find on this site. I hope you enjoy them and find a piece that connects with you.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at stateofpermanence@gmail.com

With thanks, Shireen and Stephen